Let your strategies trade for you 24 hours a day

Stalex Bot provides an advanced crypto trading bot with the ultimate experience. Easily build your own strategy and trade while you sleep.

Stalex Bot's features

100% live data

Watch all information about your bot update in real-time, so you're never missing out on the action.

Create complex strategies

Strategies can be built in our visual building tool. It allows you to add any combination of indicators you like.

Operate on any device

The web-application from which you control your bot works well from mobile to desktop. Operate from anywhere, anytime.

Telegram integration

Forward live information from your bot to your Telegram chatbot to keep informed about important decisions your bot is taking for you.

Optimal control

Giving control of your crypto portfolio isn't just something. Stalex Bot's intuitive UI allows you to always feel in control.

Useful insights

Easily see how your bot is performing to see if you can leave the bot untouched or if you need to make some tweaks to its settings.

Automation (coming soon)

Automatically let the bot perform retoric tasks like refilling your account with BNB for less trading fees.

Become part of our community

Get your crypto trading to a next level together with other Stalex Bot users.

Simple pricing overview

Moon plan

The expert's favorite; access to all features and most customizability.

Satellite plan

It's smart to start with a virtual balance and find the strategy that works for you before trading with real funds.

Rocket plan

Run your own strategy and let your Stalex Bot make real trades for you on your exchange.


Web-based control panel
Create up to 50 strategies
Automate trading
Without real funds
Telegram integration
Unlimited active positions
Up to 20
Up to 40
Buy and sell via webhooks

Pricing per 30 days


$19.50 USD

Stalex Bot has released as an early-access alpha. Pricing is less than half the future price.