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Forget emotional trades, forget missed opportunities and forget spending hours looking for that one good setup.

Be smart and let your money work for you: StalexBot watches the cryptomarket for you, 24/7.

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Intuitive web-app

StalexBot is accessible through your web- browser and will feel like an app: no browser screen refreshes take place when switching between the pages.

Extensive settings

You want to be able to control everything: StalexBot knows that and allows you to edit the bot to perform the way you want it to.


The bot can perform trading activities through the API keys of your exchange: we encrypt your data securely. Your funds cannot be withdrawn by StalexBot.

Live everything

The cryptomarket is always live, just like your StalexBot. All price updates are sent in real-time and if you change settings, they will implement instantly.

Getting grips

You can always check what's going on inside the mastermind of your StalexBot through the notifications panel. Important data is easily visualized here.

Start right away

Once you purchase a license to StalexBot, you can start setting up in no-time and have your first trades coming in the same day.

Screenshots of the bot

StalexBot Dashboard

Your selected bot's dashboard

StalexBot Settings page

The settings of a strategy

StalexBot positions page

Active positions with realtime notifications left

StalexBot Sales page

See all of your sold positions in overview

StalexBot Bot Settings page

Edit the settings of your bot realtime

StalexBot Dashboard page

Other view of the dashboard of your bot

Exchanges supported by Stalex Bot

Binance exchange logo


Trade your 9 to 5 away

Cryptocurrencies fluctuate a lot in price and are therefore timeconsuming to manage: the crypto market never stops!

Build your very own trading strategy, let the bot do the hard work for you and only tweak when needed.

See which plan suits you best.

Starter bot

19 USD per 30 days of usage

  • One test bot and one real bot
  • Create up to 20 strategies
  • Positions updated in realtime
  • Select up to 75 coins to trade with
  • Have up to 25 open positions

Expert bot

35 USD per 30 days of usage

  • One test bot and one real bot
  • Create unlimited strategies
  • Positions updated in realtime
  • Select up to 150 coins to trade with
  • Have up to 100 open positions