Supported indicators (65)

Which indicators do we support and how to set them up?

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AD ratio (bars) - Advance Decline ratio (bars)

ALMA - Arnaud Legoux moving average

Auto Fib - Automatic fibonacci retracement

ADX - Average directional index

ATR - Average true range

Awesome oscillator - Awesome oscillator

Candle change % - Candle change percentage

Candle close - Candle close

Candle high - Candle high

Candle low - Candle low

Candle open - Candle open

Candle progress (s) - Candle progress (s)

Candle volume - Candle volume

Candle volume MA - Candle volume moving average

CCTBBO - CCT bollinger band oscillator

CCTBBO slow - CCT bollinger band oscillator slow

Chaikin oscillator - Chaikin oscillator

Combo 123 R & F - Combo Strategy 123 Reversal & Fractal Chaos Bands

CCI - Commodity Channel Index

Di- - Di minus

Di+ - Di plus

EMA - Exponential moving average

Highest Position % - Highest Position Change Percentage

HMA - Hull moving average

Lower BB - Lower bollinger band

Lower KC band - Lower keltner channel band

Lowest Position % - Lowest Position Change Percentage

MACD line - MACD line

MACD signal - MACD signal line

Middle BB - Middle bollinger band

Middle KC band - Middle keltner channel band

MFI - Money flow index

Monster breakout index V2 - Monster breakout index V2

Number - Number

OBV - On Balance Volume

ParSar - Parabolic SAR

Pivot Point - Pivot Point

Position change % - Position change percentage

Position hold time (s) - Position hold time (s)

PMax - Profit Maximizer PMax

ROC - Rate of change

RSI - Relative Strength Index

RVI - Relative Volatility Index

SMA - Simple moving average

SMMA - Smoothed moving average

Smoothed RSI - Smoothed Relative Strength Index

Stochastic D - Stochastic D

Stochastic K - Stochastic K

Stochastic RSI D - Stochastic RSI D

Stochastic RSI K - Stochastic RSI K

SuperTrend - SuperTrend

Tilson T3 - Tilson T3

TEMA - Triple exponential moving average

Typical price - Typical price

Upper BB - Upper bollinger band

Upper KC band - Upper keltner channel band

VIDYA - Variable index dynamic average

VWMA - Volume weighted moving average

WT Oscillator Fast - WaveTrend Oscillator Fast

WT Oscillator Slow - WaveTrend Oscillator Slow

WMA - Weighted moving average

Williams alligator - Williams alligator jaw

Williams alligator - Williams alligator lips

Williams alligator - Williams alligator teeth

Williams R - Williams Percent R

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